Postracks solution to the world’s disorder


Postrack offer the market’s only positioning service tailored for unpowered assets! It consists of two parts; a pTag and a web-service.

pTag Postrack pTag is mounted on the object you want to track. It includes a GPS receiver, GSM phone, motion sensor, battery, and several smart solutions to provide the long battery life.
web_collage2 Postrack web service always displays the location of your tracked objects. You can easily view map images, see addresses, reports, receive alerts, view abnormal behaviour and history of all or individual units.
api Postrack API makes it easy to integrate pTags in your existing system. We supply raw data straight into your back-office system where you can customize it to your needs. This ensures that you do not need to replace your system and that Postrack always fit into your future roadmap or system changes.
 links The Postrack system is suitable for both small and large users. Single pTags to several thousands are easily managed within our system. Our customers are all around the world and are very different. Globally pTags aid to control containers, trailers, rail cars and lifts, rental equipment, portable cabins, special tools, small tool bags, and more.

About the Postrack pTag


The heart of the Postrack service is called pTag. This little box is mounted on the item that you wish to monitor. Using the very latest of technology the pTag provide its position and send it over the GSM network to our online service. From our web-site you get information such as where it is, where it’s been, if it moves, speed, status, and more.

Postrack pTag is designed and manufactured in Västerås, Sweden. The tight relations between our R&D department and our customers ensure that we always do the right things.

Robust is hardly an over-statement

The pTag is crafted to meet the toughest challenges. Sink it into diesel fuel. Soak it in the sea at 15 meters depth. Run it over with your car. Pressure-wash it. Drop it in the tarmac. Drive it from the North Pole to Sahara. Your pTag will continue to deliver!

The box is waterproof, rated IP68 and petroleum resistant. It is manufactured by a special reinforced plastic  with strength equal to aluminium. All components are designed for temperature range according to military standards.

Outstanding durability

Three to ten years, is that enough? How often your pTag will report its location is adjustable. Life expectancy varies depending on the reporting interval. With our default profile a pTag run about five years before the batteries need replacing. Without recharge!

Frequent reports

Postrack pTag is clever! It knows when it can spare the words and when it is time for more frequent reporting. When it is parked, it may be enough with only four reports a day. The pTag detects when it starts moving and immediately reports this. During the motion, it sends its position more frequent, typically every 20 minutes (adjustable).

Easy assembly

Using our four self-drilling screws, a pTag is mounted by anyone in less than 5 minutes. The Postrack pTag-screws easily penetrate up to 8 mm of steel using a common cordless screwdriver! Sometimes you want to avoid drilling a hole in the material. We can then offer an alternative mounting method using pTag-glue plates. Our adhesives provide pTag an attachment that can lift 16 tons.

Detects activity

The pTag features a motion sensor that helps the system to keep track of what is going on. This way you also can measure operating time. An example is if a machine does not move geographically, but standing still in one place and work.

No recharge, no cables, no maintenance

After assembling the pTag you tilt back and trust the Postrack system. pTag delivers and you get full control of your things. No wiring and no recharging means that you never have to worry about maintenance.

No investment needed

When you sign a deal with us, you buy a service. We own all pTags and guarantee its function. You just pay a fixed monthly fee and thus do not take a big investment. The benefits are many, for example we take the responsibility to ensure that your pTags function.


Almost everything in the pTag can be set and adjusted. Sensitivity, reporting times, GPS accuracy, and more. The best part is that we can do this at any time, over the mobile data network. At Postrack, we always work pragmatic and with the best solutions in focus. We have many different types clients with very different needs. Therefore pTag is designed to provide you a lot of flexibility.

Continuous improvements through your input

We can remotely re-program your pTag over the air. This gives us the possibility to provide you with constant upgrades without disrupting your business. We greatly listen to our customers’ needs and continuously work on improvements. Therefore, we regularly push out new functionality.

About the Postrack web service


Our web service is full of value-added engineered to optimize the benefit to you. The service is under constant improvement as we continuously listen in and adapt to our customers’ needs. Here’s a taste of what our services can deliver. Want to know more about all the possibilities? Please let us know!

Online overview

At any time, from anywhere, you can get an on-line snapshot of where all your units are right now. You can also easily see where they were and whether they were in motion.

Reporting tools

We deliver more than just a dot on the map. Powerful reports give you what you need for your profitability. Examples are compilations, billing information, deviations, etc.

Keep track of deviations

Many appreciate the opportunity to quickly monitor deviations. This can for example prevent errors or problems or can serve as ground for billing purposes. It gives your customer and/or your internal logistics organization a tool for quality.

Actual use

How many shifts does the machine run in one day? With a few mouse clicks you will receive clear reports per unit or grouped of how the actual efficiency. You are in total control of all usage including any holidays and / or overtime use. Is your entire fleet used or are some units parked too much? You can get summaries of devices that have not moved in a while. Perhaps your asset can be used in other projects or assignments? You get the opportunity to better adapt the fleet for the actual requirements. Excess capacity that is not used can be minimized.

Invoicing documentation

Short term or long term assignments? Either way you can get a report on current use or as a summary after the mission is complete. It allows for different opportunities of cost modelling. You can also create consolidated reports for weekend use as ground for billing purposes. Using our map lookup,  you can easily track the fleet whereabouts and see routes over land and sea, both in plain text and geographically.

Service intervals

With the unique built-in function for motion tracking (motion detect) you can get the reports on how much the device has been used. This can be good for tracing service intervals in order to optimize the functionality of the mechanical equipment.


Using our detailed maps, you can easily set up the various alarm zones – “geofences”. The advantage using these is that you can have alarming reports by email as soon as a device enters and / or leaves a certain area. Example of use:

  • When did the container leave a construction site for tipping?
  • Why has the trailer not been picked up in time?
  • Which depot is the wagon at?
  • Why is our ground vibrator leaving from the construction site?
  • How is it that the bobcat is outside of Sweden?

In addition to all this, we are currently working on some brand new powerful features linked to alarms! As you probably figured out – alarm functionality affects your need for insurance and your premiums for insured equipment. Alarm reports equals quality, control and security.

User levels and groups

Choose how you want to assign permissions in the system. For large fleets or multiple depots, it may be more transparent to divide the fleet into subgroups where e.g. a depot only be reporting on its machinery. You can control access to the system as needed over time!

API (application programming interface)

When you have chosen us, we guarantee that you never paint yourself into a corner. Our software can communicate with your software. It allows information from our service automatically be fed into your production system, accounting systems, inventory systems, etc.

Constant development

We accompany our customers on the journey to business value. We have a responsive research and development department. We always strive to meet your best business benefit In cooperation with you.