Get control. Get security. Save money.

Postrack delivers the only positioning service designed for powerless assets. Our services are tailored to provide our customers with security, control and savings in an easy way. Our pTag is without wires, completely waterproof, extremely durable and has a life span of up to 10 years without battery replacement. Postrack’s products are developed and produced in Sweden. Totally unique and completely secure.



Get control of your containers! Prevent unauthorized dumping. Synchronize pickups. Reduce the cost of marshalling and service.



We offer security and control. See where your trailers are. Streamline your runs. See loading and unloading. Monitor door to door delivery.


Lifts and Construction equipment

See the location of your machines. Read the actual usage. Monitor long-term leases. Keep track of service intervals. Discover unauthorized use or theft.


Valuable assets

We can position everything from plow blades, advertising trailers, loosely transported goods to cable reels, trailers and boats. Get service and security by ensuring the movement and use of your assets.


We help you with information on arrivals, departures, and live data about where your railway carriage is in Europe. You can, on the map and in scheduled reports, see all trips as well as hours and mileage.

Long life span with no maintenance

Our vision is to be the preferred choice of the world’s largest owners and operators of Trailers, Containers, Machines and Unpowered objects.

Postrack is the only positioning service dedicated for unpowered assets. Postrack consists of a low-power positioning equipment with a life span of 4-10 years without recharge! The equipment is extremely durable and weather resistant. The installation can easily be performed by anyone since no wiring is required.

With our unique service and product, Postrack is a strong supplier! Moreover, we provide a competitive price and very good service.

  • Positioning service specially designed for powerless assets
  • Service life span of up to 10 years
  • Easy installation without cables
  • Web-based service featuring map and full history
  • Powerful tools for alarms and reports
  • Easy integration with existing back-office systems using API
  • Extremely durable and completely waterproof
  • No investment cost