Postrack was founded in 2008 by Niclas Holm with background from GPS and transportation industry. In 2011 a project was initiated with the development of a completely new product portfolio designed for customers with “unpowered units” which by the owners was considered to have a value to track and where economic interests are to streamline / optimize utilization.

In autumn 2012 a brand new product was launched that during 2013 passed through rigorous testing in a real environment in cooperation with an ever increasing number of customers and partners.

The business idea is to internationally help companies keep track of their assets, whether it’s trailers, rental equipment, containers, rail cars or other equipment.

In our products and services, we have some core values ​​that are particularly important:

  • Our customers should not have to invest in hardware
  • As the technology and functionality develops our customers will get new hardware, without the need to invest
  • Installation must be quick and simple, no cables or adjustments
  • The product has to withstand the toughest conditions and extreme environments

Since 2012, we have successfully rented out our “pTag” to large and small customers; delivering control, positioning, reports and integration of our information to other business systems. Our product is tested in the Nordic climate, of demanding customers!

Some of our customers are: